The Vistosi lamp collection is enriched with a new suspension element: Anisette, an upside-down lantern, born from the artistic ingenuity of Francesco Lucchese to enhance the company’s trademark opaline glass.

As with Armonia and Stardust, the other two lines signed for Vistosi, the designer has placed an iconic element, in this case white shaded crystal, at the centre of the project, giving it a contemporary spirit.

In Anisette everything revolves around the characteristic shades of lattimo glass (a particular glass composition with a milky white appearance). Hence the idea of superimposing the two diffusers of shaded white crystal playing with the internal light source (with E27 socket) and the transparencies of the glass, which can give rise to four different configurations, overlapping or contrasting the opaline parts. When the shaded parts are superimposed, the mechanical component is completely masked; when they are juxtaposed, as if by magic, the light fades upwards or downwards depending on the arrangement of the two panes, creating a warm and diffuse illumination in the room.

The name of the new collection is closely linked to this magical play of light and is inspired by a particular chemical effect that is generated when aniseed liqueurs are diluted with water.
The aromatic compounds that give the liqueur its flavour are not soluble in water, but only in alcohol. When fresh water is added to the glass, these gather into droplets that remain in suspension. Light strikes them and is reflected in all directions, giving the drink its typical milky appearance, like that of the opal glass used for the Anisette lamp, named after Anisette, a famous liqueur made from green aniseed.

The Anisette pendant lamp is also characterised by its special attachment system, which perfectly conceals the frame and allows the glass to be fixed without drilling. An internal stem allows the height of the light source to be altered by sliding it on the stem itself according to lighting requirements or to hide the bulb according to the shade of the glass.