Ethical Code

The purpose of the following code of ethics is to establish a set of ground rules that we undertake to follow and enforce in all aspects of our business activities.

It is our clear and explicit intention to conform our conduct based on three principles.


We comply with the local and state laws of all countries in which we operate, in all aspects concerning our business.


Treat others (customers, suppliers, employees) in the same way we would like to be treated, and reject any behaviour that could be considered improper or inappropriate.


Respect and enforce this code of ethics in all situations, regardless of any professional, economic or social pressure or risk.

More specifically, we are committed to applying this code to the following three main areas of our business.

1. Relationship with customers and suppliers

In our relationship with customers and suppliers we are committed to:

2. Relationship with employees

In our relationship with employees, we are committed to:

3. Processing of personal data

In the processing of personal data, we undertake to:

We are committed to ensuring that all staff adhere to and follow this code of conduct and its principles, regardless of their role in the company.

We are also committed to regularly improving and updating this code.