“Looking to the past to design the present with ideas that look to the future”: this is the design philosophy of architect Francesco Lucchese, who designed the Armonia collection for Vistosi, which was awarded the honourable mention of the Compasso D’Oro in 2020.
When designing, Lucchese allows himself be inspired by history to identify future trends and needs, in seeking to bring out the maximum functionality of each object and offer new emotion.
Colour also has great importance in his creative process, as shown by the Armonia chandeliers and wall lights, which combine warm and cold colours (crystal and amber, smoke and amber) or the extreme transparency of pure crystal cylinders, with two different metal finishes of the external ring that surrounds them: satin black nickel and internal satin brass or copper. It creates plays on circumferences that create infinite circles.
The Armonia collection is enhanced with a new large-sized chandelier, a sublime example of Vistosi’s artisanal know-how, and four new appliques with a frame available in satin gold or satin black nickel, without a metal ring, which highlights the cylinders in crystal with different colours and processing techniques (E14 light).
The historical reference is found in the techniques used for processing the glass: the balloton, which gives the glass surface a particular crossed relief that creates a special optical effect, the “rigadin”, the traditional striped design, both straight and twisted, which in the past decorated the surfaces of Murano glass furnishings to obtain interesting refractions of light, and the new elongated diamond pattern.
The combination of colours and the technical details make the light diffused by Armonia truly enveloping, both in its suspension and wall versions.