Di Virgilio Veneziano

Design, voice of the verb rethink, reflect, regenerate, revalue, redevelop

Gianni Veneziano was born in 1953 in Molfetta
Luciana Di Virgilio was born in 1986 in Terlizzi

Gianni Veneziano, Architect and Designer, received his degree in architecture in Florence in 1979 with an experimental thesis on “Disegno di Architettura e Architettura disegnata” with Adolfo Natalini, themes central to his work between art and design, which he exhibits in numerous galleries and museums.
Luciana Di Virgilio, Designer, received her degree in Industrial Design in Florence in 2010.

Gianni Venezianohas lived in Chicago since 1979-81 , working with architectural firms, including Stanley Tigerman and Skidmore, Owings and Merrill. Fundamental to his growth was the American experience, as part of the architectural debate in relation to the birth of thePost-Modern Movement, which shaped his early architectural experience He has participated in several architectural competitions; one of his projects was reported in San Francisco.
He has designed commercial activities, numerous interiors for private homes and fittings for public spaces, with particular experience in museum spaces
In the 1980s, together with Prospero Rasulo, he founded Oxido, , the “Art and Architecture Project Gallery,” which later became the trademark Oxido Zoo In 2008 he founded, with Luciana Di Virgilio, the Veneziano+Team studio, composed of a creative team of professionals and “conceptual thinkers” with specific and complementary skills capable of interacting in multiple design situations, restructuring, interior design, industrial design, graphic design, exhibition and management design. The combination of experience and innovation is important. Many collaborations with companies also, including: Barovier&Toso, Gervasoni, Lumi, Nodus, Riva 1920, Sisal, Valli&Valli, Vistosi and others.
Relevant is the artistic activity of Gianni Veneziano, who over the years has curated, and taken part in, numerous national and international exhibitions, including: Immagini d’Io, Milan Triennial; Off Vase, Milan Triennial; La Mano-Normali Meraviglie, Triennale di Milano, Daysign, Milan Triennial, Quali Cose Siamo – III Triennale Design Museum, Milan Triennial; Il Segno dei Designer, Milan Triennial; House of Memory, Gallery Phyllis Needelman, Chicago; The Sky by Piranesi, Gallery N.A.M.E., Chicago; Projects, University of Architects, Chicago; Zucchero, Metropolitana milanese; Marchino, La Bottega dei Vasai, Milan; Icons, Paris; Icons, London; Italian Icons, New York.
Il Segno dei Designer, a collection donated by Gianni Veneziano to the Milan Triennial, has become a fund of the Permanent Collection of the Triennial Design Museum.
In June 2013, Gianni Veneziano’s project, Daysign, which was exhibited at the Milan Triennial, lent its name to a new television program, broadcast in prime time on RAI 5.
Visiting Professor at numerous national and international universities, including the Circle Campus in Chicago; lecturer at numerous colleges and universities, such as the Faculty of Architecture Industrial Design in Florence, Italy, and the Academy of Fine Arts in Bari, Italy.

In 2017 and 2018 he was appointed Ambassador of Italian design  as part of the Italian Design Day project

Luciana Di Virgilio’s work experiences since 2005, range in the field of product design and graphic design for industries in the sector with the development of projects and corporate identity, interior design with achievements for private individuals, and ‘exhibition design for major Fairs including Verona’s Inhabiting Time and the Milan Triennial. One of his works is part of the permanent collection of the Design Museum of the Milan Triennial.

The Veneziano+Team studio was born in 2007 from the meeting between Gianni Veneziano and Luciana Di Virgilio, the studio is composed of a creative team of professionals and “conceptual thinkers” with specific and complementary skills capable of interacting in multiple design situations, restructuring, interior design, industrial design, graphic design, exhibition design, communication and management design.

The firm’s work explores different areas of design to provide solutions with “strong emotional impact” with a focus on integrated communication strategies in a unique process of creativity, passion, technology and strategic thinking. The philosophy of the studio sees the concept of functionality free to define forms and structures, in a simple and intuitive way while maintaining a strongly artistic spirit open to experimentation and contamination to 360 degrees, the combination of experience and innovation is important.

The firm’s work is featured in leading trade magazines and at national and international trade fairs. Also relevant is their work as curators of exhibitions on the theme of design including The Designer’s Sign for the Triennial of Milan, a collection donated by Gianni Veneziano that has become a fund of the permanent collection of the Triennial Design Museum.
In June 2013, a project by Gianni Veneziano, Daysign, goes on display again at the Triennial Design Museum; it later lends its name to a new TV show. Airing in prime time on RAI 5, Daysign features Gianni and Luciana as outstanding presenters to address art and social issues within their columns

In 2015 they designed the STARNET collection for Vistosi, presenting at Euroluce a limited-edition preview of the co-branding project between Vetreria Vistosi e Morellato, a leading Italian brand of easy-to-wear jewelry.
From this exceptional team comes Chiari di Luna, a lighting system composed of handcrafted pure Vistosi crystal rods embellished with pearls, capable of enchanting the observer with the myriad seductions and facets of a luminous fabric that illuminates the room through an LED source. An all-Italian project, which starts from the craftsmanship of Murano glass, “dressing” it with precious and very pure elements and thus evoking ancient suggestions of precious fabrics and brocades, in a fascinating mixture of tradition and modernity.
In 2019 the collection is revisited by including three new items in which the lampshade disappears and the fabric takes on new configurations.

Gianni Veneziano
In 2017 and 2018 he was appointed Ambassador of Italian Design by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and The Triennial of Milan.

Luciana Di Virgilio
In 2011 she received an honorable mention from the Raymond Loewy Foundation.
In 2012, she curates and hosts a design column on Radio Capital and is a blogger for the Huffington Post.
In 2013, Interni Mondadori magazine selected her among the most promising Young Designers on the International scene
In 2016 she was selected among the women of Italian design for the XXI International Exhibition at The Triennial of Milan

Gianni Veneziano
1975  10th National Art Quadrennial – Rome
Italia allo Specchio – Centro Arti visive – Florence
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Lubiam Prize – 24 young artists – Mantova
1980 Per domani – Galleria Davico – Turin
1981 House of memory – Phyllis Needelman Gallery – Chicago (solo exhibition)
Home sweet home 10 Artist make furniture – Phyllis Needelman – Chicago
The Sky by Piranesi – N.A.M.E. Gallery – Chicago  (solo exhibition)
1982 Drawpaintbuild – Montgomery Ward Gallery – University of Illinois – Chicago (solo exhibition)
Design for sale – Austria
1984 Zucchero – Metropolitana milanese Milan (solo exhibition)
1985 Architetture italiane – Club Conti – Milan (solo exhibition).
1986 Senza Titolo – New Home – Molfetta (solo exhibition)
1987 Collezione Marchinio – Bottega dei Vasai – Milan (solo exhibition)
La casa del desiderio – Abitare il tempo – Verona
Icons – A new eclettism in Italian Furniture design – London
Green Design – Ruini House – Reggio Emilia
Above/M/ Mobile – Extra Gallery – Taranto
1988 Genius Loci – Abitare il tempo – Verona
Sexy Mentale – Spazio Komlan – Milan
Slow Emotional – Studio Oggetto – Milan
Disegno e oltre – Galleria Oxido – Milan
Special for Fashion – Zeus Spazio Ansaldo – Milan
1989 L’Art dans le Meubles – Paris
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Abitare il Tempo a Milano – ex chiesa S. Carpoforo – Milan
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Cocktail Italiano – Galleria Zeling – Bari
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Oxido Zoo – Galleria Oxido – Milano (personale con Prospero Rasulo)
1990 Per abitare con l’arte – ex chiesa S. Carpoforo – Milano
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Made of light – Made Firenze
Uranio – Spazio Oxido – Milano
Betty Boop – Betty Boop – Firenze
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Reggi Secolo – a cura di Samuele Mazza – itinerante
Terra Terra – Galleria La Bottega dei Vasai – Milano
Progetti e territori – Abitare il tempo – Verona
1992 Going Home – Italian Trade Center – Heathrow – Florida
Going Home – San Francisco Mart – California
Made of light – Made Firenze
Souvenir – ex colonia “Le Navi” – Cattolica
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Ombre – Spazio Oxido – Milano
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Lux Aeterna – Tanishima Gallery – Tokyo
Vasi di Visi – Caffè Moda Durini – Milano
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Territori di Pietra – Frantoio Ipogeo – Cursi
Ceramiche d’Autore – Spazio S. Orsola – Molfetta
1998 Last Work – Galleria L’Archivolto – Milano (personale)
Gli specchi del bagnino – Salone del mobile di Pesaro
Cento artisti per Ferrari – a cura di Bianca Pilat – Maranello
Memorie di luce – Palazzo Minucci – Volterra
Abitare il tempo – Verona
Il Servo di Federico – Salone del Mobile – Milano
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2012 Contemporaneità del tutto- a cura di Alessandro Guerriero- Istituto italiano di Cultura – Colonia
Design Re – a cura di L. Palmeri e G. Peloso – Milano
Off Vase – a cura di Silvana Annichiarico – Triennale Design Museum Milano (personale)
2013 Milano Design Week
Daysign – Triennale Design Museum Milano (personale)
Immagini d’Io – a cura di A.Guerriero, L. Di Virgilio – Triennale Design Museum Milano
2014 Milano Design Week
Arte Come Terapia – Ospedale Fatebenefratelli – Milano
Gianni Veneziano – Galleria Fragile – Milano
Convivio – a cura di Paola Manfrin – Milano
2015 Milano Design Week
La Grandissima Occasione – a cura di S. Annicchiarico – Triennale Design Museum Milano
Normali Meraviglie – a cura di Alessandro Guerriero – Triennale Design Museum Milano
2016 Convivio – a cura di Paola Manfrin – Milano
Together – a cura di M. Hamel – Fabbrica del Vapore Milano
2018 I Lari – a cura di A. Guerriero – Triennale Design Museum Milano
Casa Italia Olimpiadi Invernali 2018 – a cura di Claudia Pignatale – Pyeongchang
Milano Design Week
2019 Milano Design Week

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