Tønsberg – Norway
Year: 2023

In competition with selected lighting operators, Norlux’s proposal was chosen to provide a lighting solution for Nedre Langgate 19, a newly constructed 3,100m² office building, centrally located in Tønsberg and just a stone’s throw away from the wharf. We were thrilled to take part in this exciting project.
In close cooperation with the project’s architect and interior designer, a lighting concept and solutions were developed that harmonised with their visions and at the same time met the requirements of BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method).
Hanging from the ceiling on the 5th floor is the Puppet lamp. This elegant collection of lamps consists of 30 handmade glass diffusers that hang 12 metres from the ceiling, creating a visual centrepiece from inside and outside the building. Puppet also performs as a solo fixture in the communal areas on each floor. Vistosi was an important collaborator, providing a range of lamps used in the office spaces and meeting rooms.





Romani Saccani Architetti Associati


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