The IF Design Award represents one of the most prestigious and historic awards in the field of design. Founded back in 1953 by the Industrie Forum Design in Hanover, Germany, this distinguished award celebrates excellence in a wide range of areas, including industrial, product, communication and user experience design.

The selection process for IF Design Award winners is known for its rigorousness and involves juries composed of world-renowned experts. The competing projects are evaluated based on demanding criteria such as innovation, functionality, aesthetics, sustainability and user experience.

The lucky winners are awarded the prestigious IF Label, a certificate that underscores the quality and originality of their work, consolidating their position of excellence in the international design scene.

Being honored with the IF Design Award represents a high-profile recognition in the design industry, capable of giving considerable visibility and prestige to both designers and companies and their products. In addition, award-winning projects are displayed in traveling exhibitions of global scope, helping to spread inspiration and innovation in the vast field of design.

Vistosi had the honor of being awarded the IF Design Award back in 2019, thanks to the extraordinary Jube collection designed by Favaretto & Partners. These new entries join those that Vistosi has already submitted to other major international design competitions.

Groove, one of the new entries, has already received the prestigious German Design Award, while Plissé was recently honored at the Archiproduct Design Awards.

Today, with great excitement, we announce five new nominations-Plissé, Groove, Faro, Riketta, and Anisette-each featuring a unique design and a fascinating story.

The Anisette collection, designed by Francesco Lucchese, is distinguished by its skillful use of lattimo glass shades, a glass composition with a milky white appearance. The lamps, composed of two shaded white crystal diffusers, offer four different configurations that overlap or contrast in striking ways. The collection is inspired by the chemical effect generated by diluting aniseed liqueurs with water, presenting a special coupling system that allows the height of the light source to be adjusted.

The Faro collection, created by Oriano Favaretto, evokes the clear waters of the Venetian lagoon and the mainland through two pieces of glass: one transparent tinted and the other glossy white. A metal ring acts as a beacon, harmonizing the two panes of glass and providing a safe point of reference. Equipped with an LED light source concealed in its metal frame, the collection gives off a diffuse and even light, perfect for creating a welcoming and reassuring atmosphere.

The Groove collection, the brainchild of the Hangar Design Group team, is inspired by the minimalist style of the 1960s, embodying the essence of Mies van der Rohe’s famous “less is more” motto. This collection combines geometric shapes, rectangles and spheres, to create a stable and balanced structure. Available in anthracite and matte bronze variants, with soft white or frosted glass spheres, Groove is designed to fit into any environment, always ensuring a unique and uncluttered configuration.

The Plissé collection, conceived by Chiaramonte & Marin, draws inspiration from the grace and harmony of jellyfish, presenting an umbrella shape that seems to protect the surrounding space. The blown glass diffuser conceals an inner fabric shade, creating plays of transparency and texture. Available in a wide range of colors, with a metal frame finished in satin steel or matte bronze, Plissé adds a touch of elegance and personality to any room.

Finally, the Riketta collection, designed by Oriano Favaretto, is presented as a contemporary sculptural work. This pendant lamp, which recalls the shape of an egg, combines white opal glass and metal rods to create an iconic shape, available in flatter or elongated variations. The LED light source, concealed in the white glass diffuser, makes Riketta suitable for a variety of furnishing combinations and contexts, with the promise of further developments that could turn it into a table or floor lamp.

These new nominations testify once again to Vistosi’s commitment and excellence in the international design scene, offering collections that not only illuminate, but enrich spaces with their unparalleled beauty and functionality.

28 | 06 | 2024

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