Riflesso is one of Vistosi’s most iconic lamp collections, available in a table lamp version, a new wall lamp version and a pendant version enriched with additional models. In the latter variant the recent restyling by designers Chiaramonte & Marin allows a better diffusion of light.

The three sinuous shapes of Riflesso, which are reminiscent of soap bubbles and make lightness and transparency their hallmark, now feature a dual light source. The LED is positioned at the top, where the gold or satin-finished copper structure joins the glass, and at the bottom, at the end of the second structure.

Whatever the colour (crystal, pink, amber or smoked), the glass is almost invisible and becomes a simple tool for propagating light. This result is possible thanks to the experience of Vistosi’s master glassmakers who, with skill and craftsmanship, make this precious raw material visible only through the reflection of light, enhancing the concept of simplicity and lightness from which the collection’s concept originates.

In Riflesso, therefore, glass becomes light, functionality merges with design, and the ultimate purpose of a lamp is never lost sight of: to illuminate, but at the same time to furnish the environment harmoniously. Hence the careful study of dimensions, which allow Riflesso to adapt to different needs, spaces and contexts, from homes to offices. The double LED source and the greater light diffusion allow the lamp to be used individually even in more spacious environments.