Our history makes us what we are today



Restyling of the iconic Giogali and Minigiogali collections and
special catalogue. Presentation of the new Virtual Museum,
website and e-commerce. New Collection emotional and Led
sources technical videos.

Armonia was selected in the Long List of the ADA Award 2021.
Vistosi Main Partner of the 5th edition of Venice Glass Week.
Vistosi is the Main Sponsor of “The History of Glass Beads” Conference.


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I giorni nostri

New UL, ETL and CB Test certifications of nearly all the products
in the catalog. New Plot Frame collection.
Jube wins Archiproduct Design Award. New Riflesso Table Lamp. Armonia and Medea collections received Compasso D’Oro Honourable Mention.
Sata wins the German Design Award and Jube wins the IF Design Award.
Riflesso wins the Archiproduct Design Award.
The Vistosi trademark is registered in China.
Thirty years of Vistosi’s acquisition of the Moretti family.



Recent history

Vistosi was selected and awarded among the 100 Eccellenze 
italiane for Made in Italy.




50th Anniversary of Giogali.
Jube wins Archiproduct Design Award.
Sata wins the Good Design Award and
the Red Dot Design Award. 
Stone wins the Good Design Award. 

Futura won the Archiproduct Design Award. 
Nodo was selected by ADI for the XXV Compasso d’Oro Award. 
Trepai was awarded with a honourable mention at grandesignEtico.




Tablò was awarded with a honourable mention
at grandesignEtico.


Research and innovation

New crystal blend which presents clear advanta-ges, not only aesthetical but also technological and ecological: the lead free blown crystal glass. This new blend possesses the qualities of stainless steel,
in terms of durability and maintenance of its original characteristics.
Assiba was born from the finest decorations the 
“fililgrana a reticello”, the art of decorating with the cold worked blown glass. With the shimmering chrome plating, Cloth provides
a double effect: from a metallic lamp when it is off, to delicate honey reflections when it is on. Vega is the first LED lamp of Vistosi.



New awards

Rina was released. The murrine technique was applied to large models. In the same year Cheope09 was released and also the small size version of Giogali, named Minigiogali.




Diadema was selected by ADI for the XXI Compasso d’Oro Award.

The New Millennium

Giogali 3D, a revision of the hook in three-dimensional form, was released and Diadema, whose rods are made with a patented, not replicable technique, was released.



Ricerca e innovazione

Hot spinning was applied to an entire product.
Damasco was released.

The typical Murano membrane processing was applied to lighting.
Poc was released. The silvering of the mirror surfaces was used in the three-dimensional forms. Cheope was released.



Ricerca e innovazione

Water jet cutting, used in the processing of flat glass, was used in mouth-blown items. Ferea was released. 

A new blend of blown glass with a minimal amount of sodium was used. The glass has almost acquired the features of steel: it has become more resistant and brilliant.Some new and important collaborations: Chiaramonte e Marin, Michele De Lucchi, Mauro Olivieri.


De Lucchi


Ricerca e innovazione

From craft business to craft industry. Giancarlo Moretti, an entrepreneur from Murano that had long been active in the sector with Vetrofond and Punto Luce, took over the company and created Vetreria Vistosi.



Il Novecento

The most famous designers of the time, such as Gae Aulenti, Angelo Mangiarotti, Ettore Sottsass senior and jr., Adalberto Dal Lago, Vico Magistretti, Albert Leclerc, joined the Vistosi production.

At the end of World War II, the company began to focus on the production of lighting products with Gino and Luciano Vistosi. That was a story of passion and insatiable search for the new, which led Vistosi to start important collaborations. After the end of World War II Guglielmo Vistosi, heir of the Gazzabin family, opened a new furnace in Murano.


The origins

Gio-Batta Vistosi was appointed Gastaldo dell’Arte, head of the glassmakers’ guild and representative of the owners of the
Murano furnaces.



Ricerca e innovazione

The name “Vistosi” appeared shortly afterwards as the nickname of an heir to the Gazzabin glassworks.

The Gazzabin family became the owner of the Al Bastian furnace.




Ricerca e innovazione

Vincenzo Gazzabin appeared for the first time in the registers of the Murano glass art. The Gazzabin family became the owner of the Al Bastian furnace.



Armonia selezionata nella Long List del premio ADA 2021 Vistosi Main Partner della quinta edizione della Venice Glass Week Vistosi è unico sponsor della conferenza The History of Glass Beads


i giorni nositrin

Restyling delle iconiche collezioni Giogali e Minigiogali e nuovo catalogo dedicato. Nuovo Sito Vistosi. Presentazione del nuovo Virtual Museum Nuovi video emozionali di Collezione Nuovi video tecnici sulle Sorgenti Led Nuovo E-commerce