Tread, Vistosi’s collection of lamps with a vintage soul and industrial style, is enriched with a new diffuser for the suspended version, again designed by the creative duo Chiaramonte & Marin.

If the previous diffuser was reminiscent of an old oil lamp, taking us back to the Sixties, the new one does not lose its vintage inspiration, but is transformed and changes style: the blown glass with its characteristic lateral grooves, from which the name of the collection itself derives (from the English word thread), disappears and makes way for a smooth glass, with a decidedly larger diameter and whose shape recalls that of a suction cup. A new solution that makes it possible to illuminate small living areas even with just one element, containing costs, but without giving up a precious glass and a design element, able to characterise and enhance the environment in which it is inserted.

In fact, the new version of the Tread hanging lamp creates an avant-garde atmosphere and style thanks to the different glass colours (crystal, smoked, burnt earth and transparent antique green), which can be combined with copper, gold and satin bronze finishes.

Whatever the colour of the glass, the colour of the light does not change because the base of the diffuser is open; the different shades only influence the intensity of the illumination, making it more or less warm.