Kyoto – Japan
Year: 2020
Interior designer: Uchida Design Studio
Photographer: Satoshi Asakawa

MUNI LA BOUTIQUE,  Kyoto, Giappone.
FThe common feature shared by this restaurant and the others designed by the Uchida Design Inc. studio is the subtle texture of the materials, which successfully reflect the external environment visible from the large windows, creating a delicate dialog between the two.
Arashiyama has always attracted the public’s attention. That’s why MUNI KYOTO opened opposite the Togetsukyo Bridge, famous for its beauty. The murmur of the river, the moonlight across the bridge, the scent of the morning dew swept along by the wind, the essence of the season, the genuine atmosphere. A unique ambience. Large windows overlooking lush nature and manicured gardens. This stunning view varies as the seasons change throughout the year. This atmosphere was fundamental in the choice of using natural materials in the restaurant’s architecture.

This project, conceived by legendary interior designer Shigeru Uchida, won the iF DESIGN AWARD 2021 for Interior Design. iF International Forum Design is the world’s most established independent design organization. Each year it selects exceptional designs and presents them at the Design Awards. 98 design experts from 52 countries/regions rated 10,000 candidates.
The MUNI KYOTO project was chosen and awarded in the interior design section.

Interior designer Shigeru Uchida chose Vistosi to interpret his envisaged concept using glass.
The shape forged in this custom collection is reminiscent of bamboo canes.
A sleek shape featuring a combination of cylindrical sections of smooth transparent glass with sections of sandblasted striped-effect glass.
These pure crystal rods with different lengths and circumferences are arranged at distinct heights, individually and in clusters, in order to give life to an understated yet impressive setting.










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