Florence – Italy
Year: 2023
Interior designer: Maria Giulia Sala
Photographer: Deep Blue Studio

A young woman, Maria Giulia Sala, with a curriculum that dances between Latin America, the United Kingdom and the faculties of Architecture in Florence and Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in London, has embarked on a new project overlooking the Arno in the heart of Florence. This story begins with the signing of a large flat that cleverly combines the old-world charm of the city with a contemporary, cosmopolitan style.

Maria Giulia Sala embraced the challenge of fusing the building’s historical heritage with a modern, international aesthetic. Through the use of fine materials such as wood and marble, she has shaped a cosy and refined space, rich in handcrafted details and works of art. The flat, located on the banks of the Arno, reflects the designer’s love for Florence, reinterpreting its beauty through a new lens.

The owners, an American couple, wanted their home to celebrate Florentine authenticity, but with a contemporary twist. Maria Giulia and her team embraced this vision, using local materials and collaborating with Tuscan craftsmen to create custom-made furniture that was unique and personalised. The result is an elegant fusion of styles and influences, with contemporary art pieces dialoguing harmoniously with the building’s historical architecture. A large contemporary house, measuring approximately 400 square metres, with 10 rooms including an entrance hall, 4 bedrooms, living room, dining room, kitchen, gym, laundry room and 5 bathrooms. The main view from the living room is on Lungarno alle Grazie while the terrace and rooms overlook an internal courtyard. A project finished very recently, in September 2023.

The flat has been completely restored, with a new floor that mixes marble and wood in a homage to the past, and meticulous attention to detail in every room. From imposing lounges to bathrooms covered in iridescent wallpaper, each space reflects the designer’s sophisticated taste and her ability to create unique, enveloping atmospheres.

In this elegant and sophisticated intervention, contemporary design elements are skilfully blended with custom-made furniture of high craftsmanship, creating a harmonious blend of past and present. A Vistosi collection designed by Romani Saccani emerges. Precious DIADEMA pendants adorn the long corridor with arched openings. The collection gives a feeling of luminous movement that permeates the room once lit. Through a harmonious combination of reeds of various sizes, light diffuses and transmits the desired dynamism. The collection offers numerous variations and customisation possibilities, with crystal glass shades contributing to a unique atmosphere. The metal parts are available in both a satin bronze and chrome finish, offering further options to suit the desired style.

The colour palette, with its shades of grey, teal green and orange, has been carefully selected to create an atmosphere of calm and elegance. And while visitors’ eyes are caught by the artwork and designer furnishings, it is hidden details, such as the guest bathroom covered in anthracite wallpaper, that capture the designer’s heart.

In this story, Maria Giulia Sala’s flat becomes more than just a residence; it is a living work of art, a tribute to the timeless beauty of Florence and the boundless creativity of her mind.





Romani Saccani Architetti Associati


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