Posillipo – Italy
Year: 2024
Architect: Alessandro Baccanico

The architect Alessandro Baccanico designed the exclusive project for this villa in Posillipo, located in the most exclusive residential area of Naples. High-quality materials, elegant decorations, and refined finishes were chosen, with a strong focus on contemporary functionality.
The entire project balances the concept of luxury with the simplicity of forms, using refined materials and soft shapes, enhancing the privileged view and the identity of the residence.
The residence revolves around a large staircase made with a resin and brass frame that creates a semi-transparent effect, becoming a focal point.
Transparencies, white tones, and golden hues are a color scheme that serves as a common thread throughout all the rooms of the villa. These tones are echoed in the custom version of the Diadema suspension by Vistosi, positioned to illuminate the opulent baroque table in the main salon. Four other suspensions from the collection, arranged to mimic the waves of the Neapolitan sea visible beyond the glass window, enhance the living area, which is furnished with large sofas. The countless rods of pure crystal in various sizes on a bronze-colored frame create a sensation of light in motion. The light reflects and conveys a sense of dynamism, elegance, and preciousness.

The study of the floor plan distribution was very meticulous and focused specifically on the daily rhythms of its inhabitants and their habits, interpreting their taste with aesthetic choices in finishes and furnishings, all tailored to measure.

A sartorial project of exquisite taste and elegance.





Romani Saccani Architetti Associati


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