The famous phrase of the architect and designer Luiss Mies van der Rohe, “less is more” perfectly sums up the soul of the new Groove collection, which draws inspiration from the minimal style of the early 1960s. It is a mood that at the time crossed art, architecture, literature and music, offering a simple, orderly and rigorous lifestyle that was detached from the chaos and frenzy of everyday life.

Groove returns to elementary geometric structures, the rectangle and the sphere, and unites them in a new shape that gives a strong sense of stability. The straight lines of the four metal frames fit together perpendicularly, creating a perfect balance. The soft shapes of glass spheres, available in soft white or satin white glass, fit perfectly between the rectangles without affecting the rigorous order.

The structure of Groove is not accidental: it is designed to ensure maximum flexibility and customisation of the chandelier. The four metal frames (of two different lengths), slide to create new geometries to adapt to spaces, and always give each project a different and original shape. The frames are also available in the two dimensions as single suspensions. The metal finish of the frame is available in anthracite and matt bronze. Satin white glass. E14 light.