The News Pavilion awaits you!

On 7 July 2022, Vistosi launches its new Virtual Museum. An architectural project conceived on paper by the Swiss studio atelier oï and a team with all-round digital skills that has created the company’s headquarters in the metaverse of light. This virtual space is much more than an exhibition space: it is a communication project for Vistosi that aims to provide an experience that will surprise and project into the future. A moodboard that takes its cue from outstanding examples of architecture such as Carlo Scarpa’s use of concrete in a brutalist sense, which makes manifest use of it and enhances its physicality. The use of exposed concrete, in fact, highlights the purity of the material so as not to hide its strength. The combination of research into new and ancient materials, with particular attention to craftsmanship, determines the unrepeatable alchemy of the project.

The decision to use corten is a winning one as it becomes the fil rouge between the external architectural structure and the sculptural elements inside the museum. The colouring of corten also gives a certain visual “weight” to the composition of the building and contrasts with the lightness of the crystal of the lamps in a totally unexpected dance of balance and form.

A brief focus on the use of water was fundamental both for Carlo Scarpa, from whom we were partly inspired, and for the oï atelier itself, whose Moitel, their headquarters, overlooks Lake Biel.
In fact, water is not only a landscape component but is considered as an integral element of the architecture. The same full-height windows overlooking the Venetian lagoon were designed and built to enhance the interior installations also thanks to the external light reflected by the brackish water.

Six areas to visit

The first is accessible from the central entrance, an inner water boulevard in which more than eighty collections also present in the Vistosi catalogue are displayed on both sides. Each display set has been designed with corten support structures on old brick walls reminiscent of a renovation project and the building materials of the glassworks.


The glasswork, an immersive world of sounds and gestures imbued with an ancient and rare flavour. Master glassmakers at work around


The LED technology gallery offers the possibility to explore the variety of LEDs used in Vistosi products, enriched by explanatory videos detailing the technical features.

The interactive area welcomes users with four engaging monitors. Explore the “General catalog” with all product information, browse the “New Catalogue” to discover the latest creations, immerse yourself in the video of the novelties presented at Euroluce 2023 and deepen your knowledge with the engaging Vistosi institutional video.

Going upstairs is the meeting room dedicated to meetings. Clients can accompany users to this area for meetings in the virtual environment.

Retracing the staircase, one arrives at the basement, which is also directly accessible from the map that appears in over in the screen. 

This is the important novelty of this project. An entire floor dedicated to new products and designed to share temporary installations.

A different stylistic concept to the permanent exhibition we find at the entrance.

And here once again Vistosi sought the advice of the atelier oï studio, which had to think on two levels when considering the style proposal for this new project.

This is because the layout of the museum’s new pavilion was recreated in the stand design that Vistosi presented at the 2023 edition of Euroluce at the Salone del Mobile in Milan.

For this new project, the studio’s three co-founders and their team chose display solutions with different, curved geometries, unlike those proposed for the other rooms.

The sets are gathered by curtains forming semi-circles to create individual contexts for each new collection.

The colour choice remains the same so as to give continuity between above and below: orange tones that pick up the colour of the old bricks and corten support walls and countertops.

The large glass window and ceiling openings create continuity between inside and outside, adding to the spaciousness of the room.

Inside eight new collections along with others already in the catalogue are now available with not only traditional but also new LED sources.

Interactive totems in each exhibition space provide direct access to product information.

New symbologies have been inserted to allow direct access to the product page on the website, the logo of the new room configurator, the eye and the new eye that refer to the set of the collection or the new entry in the case of new entries in pre-existing collections.

This virtual space is much more than a showroom: it is for Vistosi a communication project that wants to give an experience capable of surprising and projecting into the future.


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