Signed by Hangar Design Group wins special mention award for product design

The Groove lamp designed by Hangar Design Group for Vistosi triumphed at the German Design Awards 2024, winning the special mention for product design in the ‘Lighting’ category.
One of the most prestigious events on the international scene, the German Design Award honours excellence in product design, communication and architecture. An exceptional, international and independent jury, comprising experts from industry, academia and design, assessed thousands of applications from over 45 countries, identifying the most significant and innovative trends and awarding prizes to projects that provide answers to the challenges of our time.
With the award given to Groove, a family of pendant lamps characterised by rigorous geometries, great versatility and flexibility of composition, Vistosi renews the success already achieved with the Sata lamp, designed by Favaretto&Partners, winner of the best design lamp award in 2019.

Inspired by the minimalist style of the early 1960s, Groove plays on the elementary geometric structures, the rectangle and the sphere, and combines them into a new shape that gives a strong sense of stability. The straight lines of the four metal frames fit together perpendicularly, creating a perfect balance. The soft shapes of the glass spheres, available in shaded white or satin-finished white glass, fit perfectly between the rectangles, without affecting the strict order. Groove’s structure is designed to guarantee maximum flexibility and customisation of the chandelier: the four metal frames (of two different lengths), in fact, slide to create new geometries to adapt to spaces and give each project a different and original shape.

“Every time we approach a new project, we are faced with a dualism: on the one hand, the need to adhere to strict, conceptual principles and, on the other, the desire to express beauty, harmony and pleasantness for the eyes of the beholder. This balance is never taken for granted; it is a continuous dance between familiar and unexplored territory, between what we know and what surprises us. Groove represents precisely this philosophy,’ comments Alberto Bovo, Founder and Ceo of the Hangar Design Group studio. “Not just a collection of lamps, Groove is rather an interpretation of how light is essential to build a landscape in inhabited space that is as changeable and dynamic as nature, an iridescent balance of shadows and luminosity that play and dance freely in space. This vision, this twofold commitment to formal rigour and creative invention, is what drives all our projects”.

Hangar Design Group is a design studio that has been accompanying brands on growth paths through design and strategic development projects for over forty years. Based in Milan and Venice, but also present in Asia and the United States, it is made up of over forty professionals working in a flexible and integrated way on concept development according to a method based on a solid multidisciplinary and strategic approach. Among numerous international awards, the firm won the Compasso d’Oro Award in 2011.

06 | 12 | 2023

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