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Modern lighting has taken a step forward with the introduction of LEDs. Thanks to their superior luminous efficiency and durability, LEDs are quickly replacing halogen bulbs. Vistosi LED products offer impeccable light quality, making every environment more welcoming and comfortable.

Why choose LEDs over halogen bulbs?

  • Luminous efficiency and energy savings: LEDs boast superior luminous efficiency compared to traditional halogen bulbs, ensuring significant energy savings. While the latter can reach a maximum of 120 lumens per watt, our LED modules can offer up to 150 lumens per watt, equivalent to a 20% energy saving.
  • Duration: The lifespan of a bulb, expressed in hours, indicates how long its operation is guaranteed. Integrated LEDs have a longer lifespan compared to standard LED bulbs. Our LED modules last up to 45,000 hours. This significantly reduces maintenance costs and the need for replacing with new light sources.
  • Color Rendering: Integrated LED modules offer high color rendering (Ra90), ensuring uniform and natural light without flickering, ideal for environments that require color precision. This surpasses the color rendering of retrofit bulbs (80RA), approaching the level of incandescent light.
  • Optical control: Manages the direction and intensity of light. In integrated LEDs, this control is more precise due to specific design, while in replaceable lamps there are limitations. Vistosi has improved the uniform distribution of light with new LED modules and lenses. With the new versions (for example, LED F, LED G, LED O), we have reduced the bulk on the fixtures, enhancing the overall aesthetics. We have optimized the driver housing in a more harmonious and functional way, maintaining a similar distance between the LED and diffuser as the previous modules. This has allowed us to eliminate the light spill on the diffuser, keeping the brightness constant.
  • Operating temperature: Integrated LEDs produce heat, but thanks to our specially designed heat sinks, this aspect is effectively managed. With our new LED modules, we have solved the overheating issue with an innovative solution: directly connecting the LED to the external aluminum to facilitate cooling. This allows us to maintain the temperature of the LEDs within 60 degrees Celsius.
  • Operational lifespan: Integrated LED modules ensure greater long-term stability, with a luminous efficiency loss of less than 10% after over 35,000 hours of use.
  • Easily replaceable: To comply with the European EPREL regulations, we offer easily replaceable LED modules. In case of failure, these modules allow for quick and easy replacement, ensuring regulatory compliance and convenience for users.
  • Compatibility with home automation: Some retrofit LED bulbs may not be compatible with home automation systems, but our LED modules are designed to integrate with driver systems compatible with home automation. This allows for the creation of customized lighting scenarios.


With PROMO LED you can enjoy all these advantages. Additionally, by visiting our participating retailers, you can receive assistance in choosing the LED product that best suits your needs!

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