The new Plissè collection by Vistosi has the graceful and harmonious lines of a jellyfish and its iconic umbrella shape, which almost seems to want to protect and guard the space to be illuminated.

The term jellyfish, in fact, derives from the ancient Greek mέδουσα, and means “protector”, “guardian”. According to Greek mythology, even after being decapitated, Medusa never lost her ability to petrify with just one glance. Like the mythical creature, Plissè manages to capture the gaze of anyone who stops to observe it, and captivates with its rounded silhouette. It is a closing circle whose circularity gives the sense of a complete yet unique project, due to the overlapping of different materials in glass, fabric, and metal.

The blown glass of the diffuser, which has generous dimensions, hides an internal fabric lampshade and gives life to a play on transparency, colour and texture that make Plissè an elegant piece that can give life and a touch of personality to the environment in which it is used.
Plissè is available as a suspension with diffuser in dark amber, smoke, terracotta, antique green or transparent crystal. The metal frame can have a satin steel or matt bronze finish. LED light.