The Puppet collection by Vistosi expresses passion and artisan know-how. The undisputed focus is blown glass that is irregularly striped, an ancient manufacturing technique that has been known since Roman times and used for the manufacturing of Murano glass. Here, new magical forms come to life from the breath of master glassmakers.

For Puppet, Romani Saccani Architetti Associati, former designer of the Diadema collection, has chosen the sphere, a symbol of perfection and union, a movement that has no beginning or end that remains immutable over time – much like the Puppet collection, which has become an icon of the Vistosi catalogue since its conception.

The expressive research of Romani Saccani Architetti Associati is aimed at defining a strong, identifying sign that is conceptually simple, and therefore easily understandable.

The result is a collection with a pure, immediate design, devoid of unnecessary frills.

Puppet is available as a pendant light, wall light and table lamp.

The suspension version includes spheres of three different sizes, and is made in different variants such as in the linear versions, in those with a round rosette or the chandelier. The latter allows diffusers to be fixed to the ceiling with steel cables as desired, creating ever-changing plays on light with the electric fabric cables that recall the wires that moved ancient puppets.

The diffusers are available in four glass finishes (soft white, transparent crystal, smoke, and transparent amber) with the possibility of mixing them together. The metal frame comes in a polished chrome finish with electric cable in grey fabric, or matt black with electric cable in black fabric.

The Puppet Ring collection, created in 2019, plays with spheres of different sizes, differing from the “classic” version for the use of a frame made up of rings of different sizes, single or juxtaposed, which form the base on which the precious glass spheres rest and blend with the structure with the shape blown into the glass itself.

Three new configurations were added to the three suspensions already present: given their size, they are particularly suitable for large-scale environments.

In the applique, a ring supports a larger sphere facing the ceiling and a smaller one facing the floor.

Light and elegant, Puppet Ring combines crystal, smoked, amber and soft white glass in an ethereal manner, with gold and satin black nickel finishes.