Pure is the new pendant lamp by Vistosi designed by architects Pio and Tito Toso with the aim of creating a light source with an enchanting and fascinating shape, which makes irregularity its distinguishing feature. The result is Pure, a “spinning top in motion” reminiscent of the particular effect generated by bubbles in water.

In this project, the two architects wanted to give glass a chance to express itself and enhance its characteristics.

The master glassmakers at Vetreria Vistosi have worked meticulously to enhance the beauty of the crystal by using a special process to obtain a thicker crystal lens at the bottom of the diffuser. An internal membrane, parallel to the base of the diffuser, not only emphasises the craftsmanship of the workmanship, but also makes each piece unique by modifying the contribution of light to the surface of the diffuser itself, depending on the curvature.

The LED light source, when switched on, creates a series of reflections and refractions of light that enhance the lamp.

In Pure, the frame, which is available in anthracite or bronze finish, blends harmoniously with the diffuser, which is available in transparent crystal and shaded white, creating a very elegant whole.

The dome of the frame is designed to make the lamp adjustable, and the reduced size of the diffuser allows for cluster compositions, in which the diffusers can be freely oriented to create ever new configurations.