design Debonademeo

Tier is the new collection of wall and ceiling lamps by Vistosi that transforms two elementary shapes, the line and the circle, into a design object that can also become a “customised design” on the wall.

Tier was born from the creativity of Luca De Bona (architect) and Dario De Meo (designer), co-founders of Studio Debonademeo, to tell a “new” Vistosi, in the sign of simplicity and essentiality.

It is no coincidence that the genesis of Tier is inspired by a particular moment of childhood: the two designers imagined going back to childhood, to the time when mothers allowed them to express their creativity and trace a few pencil marks on a white wall; they intertwined those lines and transformed them into three-dimensional elements, vectors of light: a white satin diffuser with LED source, embraced by a rectangle with rounded corners in painted brass.

Tier leaves room for freedom and puts space in the foreground, to give every room the light it needs: it gives the possibility to use the lamp individually or to weave and overlap the lines (hence the name Tier, which in English means “layer, level”) to create infinite compositions on the wall.

Games of shapes that make the lamp no longer ‘just’ a functional element or a light source, but a true furnishing element.

The metal rings duplicate themselves always starting from a fixed point, the diffuser, which is available in two sizes (with a diameter of 42 and 55 cm) in order to ensure the right lighting for every room. Tier is thus transformed into a constellation or, going further with the imagination, into a solar system: the Sun, the light at the centre, and around it the planets with their satellites.

The collection has a fixed point, light, but looks far ahead, just like the Vistosi brand, which wants to introduce a new vision of Murano glass, transforming it from a central element, which must necessarily attract the gaze, to a precious material that can express the best of itself and furnish the environment while remaining ‘behind the scenes’.

The Tier collection, in fact, is not designed to catalyse attention and impose itself in the environment, but to accompany the light and, with its simplicity, ‘design’ the wall on which it is installed.