The lighthouse is the link between the sea and the mainland; its light is a point of reference, which transmits stability and security. The Faro collection, designed for Vistosi by Oriano Favaretto, is inspired by the light signalling system from which it takes its name.
The two glasses, one with a coloured transparent finish, the other glossy white, respectively evoke the clear waters of the Venetian lagoon and mainland. The metal ring that harmoniously joins them is the lighthouse: a central and safe element. The metal frame is available in a matte black or brass finish.

The LED light source is hidden in the white glass, which gives a diffused, uniform and non-sparkling light, just like a beacon for sailors or fishermen who view it from the sea.
Faro is a design element that becomes the centre of the space in which it is installed, visible and perfectly recognisable from any position.