Bardolino – Italy
Year: 2019
Architect: Loris Ravazzolo

A renovation of the interior spaces of a villa overlooking the wonderful Lake Garda. At the head of the project was theStudio of Associated Architects Annunziata Forte & Cristina Di Marzio with the collaboration ofengineer Loris Palazzolo who took care of the structural side.
The rooms were redefined: the renovation covered each and every aspect of living space, from the layout of the rooms, to materials, finishes and the design of furnishings and accessories. The result is a house that alternates strong and decisive elements with more decorative spaces and details, in order to obtain a harmonious yet eclectic result, which reflects the personality of the hostess. The large living area hosts an evocative space for relaxation and conversation, where a wall fireplace is completed by a bookcase made entirely according to our designs and then complemented by a leather corner sofa with a warm honey hue and bright green armchairs. Through the large windows that create a direct link to the terrace overlooking the lake, the dining space is very bright. The seventies chairs with their strongly graphic upholstery, of sentimental value to the owners, are paired with a transparent glass table with a steel base. The kitchen, also entirely custom-designed, has a beautiful marble floor, and in all the other rooms, including bathrooms, volcano oak wood in a very special and warm shade was chosen. The bathroom materials were entrusted with the task of playing with contrasts, giving an “art déco” impression where wood meets marble, as well as a striped pattern softened by a large butterfly and a mixture of custom mosaic. The ensemble creates an environment with strong features. Great attention was paid to the fabrics and accessories in the bedrooms, set up according to precise criteria, so as to form environments suitable for rest and intimacy, using calibrated color combinations and a personalized study of lighting.
For this reason, the Ecos collection by Vistosi was chosen in a customized color in both the pendant and wall lamp versions for perfect integration with the chosen materials and with the breathtaking view visible from the huge windows.








Renato Toso, Noti Massari & Associati


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