Year: 2013
Interior designer: Spagnulo & Partners

BAGLIONI HOTELS have created a modern definition of “wonder”.
The new standard of contemporary hospitality. The Roman Penthouse was unveiled as the most exclusive suite in the heart of the Dolce Vita at the Regina Hotel Baglioni in Rome.
The very concept of a suite and contemporary luxury has been revolutionized.
The new Top Suite of the Regina Hotel Baglioni has finally been shown to the public. The most exclusive apartment in downtown Rome offers a new vision of the city, proposing a first-of-its-kind experience.
Located on the 8th and last floor of the hotel, the Roman Penthouse covers an area of 560 square meters, of which 290 square meters are private terraces, along with 1 suite, 2 bedrooms, a dining room, living rooms, a kitchen and private bars. All designed to provide the most incredible 360° view of the Eternal City, from the Sistine Chapel to the Colosseum and much more.
The suite features an innovative concept of modular spaces, designed by the Milanese architecture and design studio Spagnulo & Partners, an expert in the sartorial approach to interior design. For them, designing a space always means understanding exactly where you are. It may seem obvious, but the analysis of the cultural as well as stylistic and morphological characteristics of a place, is, or should be, the cornerstone of architectural as well as interior design.
In this context, the sheer complexity and wealth offered by large cities of art, represents an almost inexhaustible pool of references in the structures, as well as in the contents. If appropriately reinterpreted they can form the conceptual framework around which to design a space.
The Top Suite on the top floor of the Hotel Regina Baglioni in Rome is one of these frontiers, where the project of the new meets the cultural impact of the past. It is an almost physical encounter, which manifests itself in a sensory way through the panoramic view of the historic city center, with its baroque and mannerist statements, the landmarks that have marked the history of Western architecture.
This tension between modernity and tradition is the one element that pervades every aspect of this interior design project. On the one hand is contemporary design using spatial geometries, fluid use of partitions between different environments, stark modernity in some choices of indirect light and in the design of certain furnishings. On the other is the use of wall boiserie panels, decorative archetypes expressed in marble floors, fine fabrics and blown glass, all of which underlie the most refined styles of Italian tradition.
These apparent contradictions are transformed into a harmonious accord, and determine an unprecedented character in which stylistic uniformity replaces the value of complexity and contamination: a new idea of contemporary luxury.
The concept of “custom made” is also crucial, since this suite reaches its zenith of expression thanks to the design of the details, the choice of materials and the carefully-chosen finishes.
Gorgeous Murano glass chandeliers by Vistosi. The work of Rebosio and Spagnulo lends a special prominence to decorative lighting, which is particularly evident in chandeliers. It began with the choice of the Diadema and Giogali models by Vistosi: these are both sculpted from Murano glass of the highest quality, with a design that isn’t at all archaic but modern, flexible and functional, made to measure. Both work as light points during the day, thanks to the reflections of the material, as well as in the evening. It then continues with the development of the ceiling on two levels, which frame and highlight the lamps as decorative objects and enhance their brightness.
The suite is therefore a clear example of a luxury space with a contemporary design able to offer the traveler everything they could wish for.








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