Triennale Milano
Year: 2023


From 27 January to 23 April 2023 Triennale Milano presents the exhibition Angelo Mangiarotti. When structures take shape, curated by Fulvio Irace, with Francesca Albani, Franz Graf (architecture section), Luca Pietro Nicoletti (sculpture section), Marco Sammicheli (design section), and with the support of Giulio Barazzetta.

Vistosi is one of two technical sponsors, the only one in the lighting sector, selected for the Angelo Mangiarotti exhibition. In fact, the company owes to the creative genius of Maestro Mangiarotti the modular lamp system consisting of a single, innovative hand-crafted crystal element: the Giogali hook.

The Maestro’s work on the ‘module’ in both architecture and design reaches one of the highest points of his research with Giogali. The hook element he first developed and patented in 1967 is not only an example of technical-productive efficiency, simplification of lines and ‘design of the essential’, but also a search for the extreme limits of the material, Murano art glass. Glass, fragile par excellence, becomes structure: this is how architecture becomes design!

His designs in fact highlight the importance of the recurring element but also the indispensable need he placed in the precise and profound study of materials: the Giogali system, which Vistosi chooses to present here at the Triennale as a precious curtain of pure shiny crystal, fits into this vein. “Two large tents, almost five metres high, with more than 6,000 hooks, create the perfect setting for the works on display and become the focal point of the visitor’s attention.”








Angelo Mangiarotti


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